Building a Powerful Identity From Scratch.


Many batik brands do not have a centralized
place to market their products. Increasing
batik demand also makes Wirawan Batik
requires the development of marketing with
e-commerce. It is hoped that the
development of digital marketing will
increase sales of Wirawan Batik.


SAB came and change marketing in
Wirawan Batik. SAB changes everything
offline to online in form of e-commerce.
Now, the website is the place to get and
buy batik with wider and easier range.

Scope Of Work.

  • Content Formatting
  • Reviewing live site for bugs, large issues, etc.
  • Prepare the information architecture
  • Serving / Hosting / DNS Environment Setup
  • Search Engine Optimization Planning

Saya Senang Dengan Result Yang Dihasilkan Oleh SAB Untuk Wirawan Batik. Very Pleased With SAB Job.

Marketing Manager at Wirawan Batik