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Shopify is an E-Commerce builder platform for you to sell your products online. Shopify offers simple setup and user-friendly interface. You can focus more on business as Shopify handles the hosting and most technical requirements for your store.

Shopify basic costs $29 per month, normal plan $79 and Advanced Shopify $299 per month. Please check this page to see the comparison.

Check this page to see available themes on Shopify marketplace. We’ll help you choose the right theme and suitable for your brand/products.

We support you to set up your Shopify account, choose the theme and do the design adjustments, products insertion (text and image), payment gateway and shipping integration. We let you focus more on business and not worrying have a well-running Shopify store. See our pricing page to see other packages.

Then you’re on the right website! We help you bring your offline business goes online.

If it’s running-well already, then we’d say ‘don’t change a winning team’


– Shopify might be your solution if you’re not satisfied with your current online store or have difficulties with it.

We can’t support you to find the products. You need to do your own research then come back to us again when ready.

Call us and tell the story about your brand! Go to the contact page to find our phone number or leave a message there. We’ll reach back to you before the day passes by.

A working Shopify store, where you can sell your products and generate money. You save your time by not taking care of technical stuff.

We don’t take on every client. We’ve become very good at assessing whether we can help companies. So there’s a process before we say yes to you.

Averagely, one project takes between 5-8 weeks. It begins with content submission from your side and contract signing.

The project cost will be divided into three terms: 50% right before starting the project, 30% after the last revision, and 20% within the first week after the web is live.

We’ll cover any technical issues within two months after the handover of completion. Therefore, there’s no risk for you in making an investment with us to have a working Shopify store.